CityVille: Zoning Permits are back, but for a limited time


In one of the more questionable moves in CityVille's history, the team at Zynga decided to remove the Zoning Permit from the game's free gifts page. You know, those Zoning Permits that make it possible to expand your town... the ones that can be earned by having your friends send them to you (or by paying real money for them). Yeah, it doesn't sound like a smart move, does it? Apparently, the community was so outraged by the Zoning Permit removal from the game's free gifts page that the CityVille team has relented, putting them back where they arguably belong. However, there's a catch.

The Zoning Permit will only be available to send on the free gifts page until December 17 at 11:59 PM Pacific. That gives you around three days to stock up on as many as you can. What will happen after that point? Hopefully, another free method will be available for obtaining these Zoning Permits (as the current methods are rather limiting, without this free gifts page free-for-all), or better yet, why not simply remove their necessity in the game altogether? As that's not likely to happen, we'll keep an eye on how things do develop regarding the future of Zoning Permits in CityVille. For now though, make sure to ask everyone you know to send you Zoning Permits, so you'll have a big supply once they vanish from the free gifts page yet again.

Want to share your thoughts on the removal of Zoning Permits from the free gifts page? We know you do! Feel free to sound off amongst your fellow players in the comments!