Say goodbye to your productivity: Bloons Tower Defense 5 is here

Bloons Tower Defense 5Do you have about an hour of time to play games at work? No? Then you should probably refrain from reading this post until you're in front of your home computer. New Zealand-based Flash game developer Ninja Kiwi has released the newest iteration of the mega popular Bloons franchise, Bloons Tower Defense 5. Much like the original, this tower defense game could suck precious life minutes away from you.

In the best way possible. Sure, it's like nearly every tower defense game out there, but Bloons Tower Defense 5 has a certain charm to it. Not to mention the game does a fine job of explaining the intricacies of all the new balloons and monkeys that appear in the game. When you get into the thick of it, setting and forgetting it never felt so good. And when it comes to Flash graphics, this brand new take on Bloons delivers.

"With more than 650 million plays of the Bloons Tower Defense flash game series to date, we knew we needed to deliver a whole new level of awesome–amazing graphics, brand new features, unique tower upgrades, and some big surprises," Ninja Kiwi managing director and co-founder Chris Harris said in a release. "We are really excited to finally launch BTD 5 and encourage all fans to play the biggest, most innovative, and straight out best Bloons game to date."
Bloons Tower Defense 5 in action
This version of Bloons Tower Defense packs a slew of new towers and upgrades with which to defend your territory. Speaking of territory, there are several tracks to choose from across three difficulties. In short, you could end up playing Bloons Tower Defense 5 for a dangerously long time.

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