Don't blink: You'd miss this guy utterly obliterating you in Tetris [Video]


Seriously, just pray this guy doesn't play Tetris Battle on Facebook. Known as LapSiLap in Hard Drop, an online community of hardcore Tetris players, is blindingly fast at his so-called casual game of choice. LapSiLap is proof that Tetris, like most "casual" games, is only as casual as you want it to be. Well, the fact that there's an entire community of people on this guy's level is proof.

LapSiLap completed a game 40-line Tetris in just 21.20 seconds. For those keeping score, which we bet these folks are, that's about two lines cleared per second. Our hands are cramping up at the thought of it. Frankly, we're clueless as to how this guy managed the record-breaking time. Many commenters on sites like Kotaku are throwing around accusations of "hacker", but we doubt it. A whole documentary was made revolving around players like LapSiLap, so there.

It makes us wonder what guys like LapSiLap think about the newer takes on Tetris, namely Tetris Battle on Facebook and the new Tetris for iPhone. It's easy to imagine these hardcore Tetris maestros as purists, so you might not want to ask their thoughts on Tetris Battle if given the chance. Just watch the video below in awe.

[Via Kotaku]

Do you consider yourself a "hardcore" Tetris player? Do you think you could take LapSiLap on? What "casual" game are you most skilled at? Sound off in the comments. Add Comment.

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