Meteor Games axes almost all staff, shutters social Neopets [Report]

Neopets sad
Neopets sad

And the company couldn't have better timing. Inside Social Games reports that Meteor Games, the social game developer behind Facebook games like Island Paradise and Serf Wars, has laid off 90 percent of its staff. Anonymous sources told the website that the terribly unfortunate move was made because the company couldn't raise funding for find an interested buyer.

Along with loosing nearly all of its staff, Meteor Games also opted to shut down Neopets: Treasure Keepers, which as of this writing welcomes just 30,000 monthly players and 3,000 daily players, according to AppData. Meteor Games made the announcement on the game's Facebook Wall just yesterday that the game would close today. As an apology for the short notice, Meteor Games gave players some items to use within the game before it closes.

ISG reports that the game peaked in September to the tune of 300,000 monthly players and 35,000 daily players, but it plummeted soon after. Sadly, Meteor Games isn't looking so hot across the board, as its total monthly player base is a hair above 900,000.

The website also confirms that company CEO Zac Brandenberg, left 4-year-old Meteor Games in November. Our best wishes go to those that may have lost their jobs at such an unfortunate time. We've reached out to Meteor Games for comment.

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