FarmVille Winter Water Wheel: Everything you need to know

As Winter Wonderland grows within FarmVille, it only makes sense that we'd see more and more functional buildings released on this fourth farm. As of right now, you can already build items like a themed Garage or Chicken Coop, but what about other buildings? Well, filling in one missing link is the Winter Water Wheel, which has started slowly rolling out to users in the game. This Winter Water Wheel functions as the previously released Water Wheel does, in that it allows you to harvest it daily for free Watering Cans, but it's themed to the Winter / Snowy look of this farm.

You'll receive the base of your Winter Water Wheel for free when logging in. From there, you'll need to start collecting building materials to complete its construction. There are different upgrade levels for building your Winter Water Wheel, requiring you to collect more and more of these parts, but the first step (to earn a basic, functional building) requires just the following:

  • 5 Snow Gears
  • 5 Snow Chains
  • 5 Snow Axles

As usual, you can collect these items in a variety of ways, the simplest of which is to send out mass requests to your neighbors and then wait for them to respond. You can also purchase each building material individually for Farm Cash. As you upgrade your Winter Water Wheel, you'll earn more Watering Cans each time you harvest it, and we'll work to let you know exactly how many building materials you'll need of each step as we learn more.

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What do you think of this Winter Water Wheel? What other buildings would you like to see given the "Winter Wonderland" treatment and launched on your new farm? Sound off in the comments.
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