FarmVille: Holiday Countdown prizes revealed!

With this week's launch of the Holiday Countdown in FarmVille, you might be curious as to what some of the other items we'll receive throughout this event really are. Will we earn free trees or animals? A few free buildings or decorations? Luckily, the folkat FarmVilleFreak have uncovered the secrets of this event, so we can bring you a complete look at the items available from now until Christmas, and even the special bonus prize awaiting those who complete this entire event.

While the first two days have already passed, giving us a Holiday Lamp Post and a Gnome Snowglobe, here's the lineup from Days 3 to 12:

  • Day 3: Winter Tree Snowglobe

  • Day 4: Nutcracker Outdoor Stage

  • Day 5: Sheep Snowglobe

  • Day 6: Reindeer Snowglobe

  • Day 7: Nutcracker Gnome

  • Day 8: Cow Snowglobe

  • Day 9: Jingle Bell Tree

  • Day 10: Nutcracker Sheep

  • Day 11: Nutcracker Ballerina Cub

  • Day 12: Unicorn Snowglobe

Well, that certainly is a lot of snowglobes, isn't it? I hope you're a fan of them, as you'll need to make sure to ask your friends for enough collectibles to earn all 12 items if you want the event's final prize at the end: a Nutcracker Stallion. If you happen to miss a day's prize, it looks like you can purchase the ones you missed for Farm Cash. In addition, if you want duplicates (that is, more than one) of a day's prize, you can also pay Farm Cash for extras.

Regardless of whether or not you use these prizes to decorate your new Winter Wonderland farm or place them elsewhere, you'll want to make sure and login to your game at least once a day to send out a call to friends for them to help you earn these prizes. It's likely that we won't see many of them again in the game, and if we do, we'll have to wait an entire year for them to return. Don't miss out!

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Which of the Holiday Countdown prizes are you most looking forward to winning? Are you a big fan of the Snowglobes previously released in FarmVille? Sound off in the comments.