Michael Bublé croons his way into CityVille to ring in the holiday

Michael Buble
Michael Buble

Zynga has gone celeb crazy in CityVille, its top game on Facebook. The next star to make his social game debut is none other than Michael Bublé. The swing singer from another era will strut on into the popular Facebook just in time for Christmas this year to promote his new chart-topping album for the holidays, "Christmas". And according to CityVille GM Scott Koenigsberg, "Bublé was a perfect fit."

"We love bringing real-world experiences into the game," Koenigsberg tells us. Sometime near Christmas, players will get to interact with Bublé in CityVille, as his avatar will walk around in players' cities, greeting players with a few sayings. (We're told those are still in the works with Michael Bublé.) The main draw of the promotion is for players to build a holiday bonfire with Bublé and their friends, which will unlock an exclusive music video featuring the crooner himself.

As players work to complete the holiday bonfire, they'll collect various items from turntables to hockey sticks that give players hints as to just what kind of guy Michael is. Koenigsberg says that this promotion won't be as mechanically different from previous in-game celebrity events (like, say, Enrique Iglesias's time in CityVille) as it will be thematically different with new artwork and assets. As for why Zynga has become obsessed with celebrity?

"One of the reasons why we do these integrations is because our players love it," Koenigsberg gushes. "We actually spend a lot of time speaking to our players, through our forums, through Skype chat. We actually just invited some local players in the San Francisco area to come have lunch with us and sit down and talk to them." Stay tuned to CityVille as we inch closer to Christmas to see just how Bublé will hit the game in a big way.

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