Worms maker Team 17 squirms for social, buys Worms Social team


When you look at games like Wild Ones, you can't help but wonder why the classic Worms franchise has yet to make the leap. Funny we put those words in your mouth you mention that, because Team 17, the developer behind the beloved Worms series, has acquired Iguana Entertainment. Before selling to Team 17, the social game maker was actually working on Worms Social.

Team 17 bought the company in an effort to increase its social game capabilities, according to Gamasutra, as game companies are so wont to do these days. Effectively immediately, a number of Iguana Entertainment staffers will join Team 17 in Wakefield, England. Better yet for the Worms maker, Iguana is already working on three more secret social games and a console game.

According to Gamasutra, Team 17 is most interested in what the studio can do for the company in social games, namely on Facebook. Iguana Entertainment will help the Worms creator "expand further into digital, mobile, and web development." However, Team17's managing director Debbie Bestwick also said, "They bring a wealth of cross-platform knowledge across an array of genres."

What you should be most excited about with this news is that Worms is coming to social networks, most likely Facebook. While hardcore game genres and franchises generally fail on Facebook, Worms has a better chance than most at success. That's especially considering Wild Ones by Playdom still has 3.1 million players coming back every month. Be ready for Armageddon.

[Via IndustryGamers]

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