If you really love The Sims Social, then buy the soundtrack(s) on iTunes

The Sims Social music
The Sims Social music

The Sims Social has been a game of firsts--the first to hit the top five since Zynga took over, namely--but this might be its biggest of firsts. While Playfish's hit Facebook game isn't the first social game to have its music released to iTunes, it might the first to release multiple albums for a single game. In fact, EA is selling the tunes within its social game across four digital albums, each with 10 tracks, for $4.99 apiece. (Each song sells for a buck individually.)

Almost all of the music comes from the game's stereos, as in the tunes that play when your Sim chooses to dance to some music. The rest includes themes like The Sims Social's character creation screen and the game's main theme song. Each album is separated by genre: Themes, Pop & Exercise; Electro & Indie; Metal, Country & Bluegrass; Classical, Jazz & Latin.

And--get this--did you know that hot act Junkie XL contributed a ton of music to The Sims Social, and even wrote the theme? In fact, there is a number of accomplished artists that provided music for the game. While we couldn't possibly justify paying a buck for The Sims Social theme song, some of these tracks actually aren't half bad. It's shame that a bit of SimCash isn't attached to each album. Now, that would be a deal. Check out all of the tunes available right here, if you're interested.

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