Pioneer Trail: Win free Horseshoes for playing Holiday Hollow


If you've jumped right into Pioneer Trail's Holiday Hollow event for the Christmas season, you now have even more incentive to stick with it and finish - at least until you've earned two of the event's ten ornaments for your Magical Christmas Tree, that is. A new contest is being held on the game's official forums, with Zynga offering any player a chance to win 15 Horseshoes simply for playing the game.

The requirements are simple - just earn at least two of the ten ornaments for the tree and then take a screenshot proving you've done so to enter in the contest's thread on the forums. After December 15, 10 lucky players will be chosen at random to receive the 15 Horseshoes each. While that's definitely a disappointing prize when compared to some other contests held within the game, it does make us think: could this simply be the first of many contests rewarding Horseshoes for playing Holiday Hollow? And, could the Horseshoe prizes increase as we go along?

Either way, Horseshoes aren't necessarily the easiest premium currency to come across (even if they are constantly "on sale"), so why not take this chance to earn some free Horseshoes while you have the chance. Since this contest is random, you have as much chance as the next player of being a winner, so we can't really complain about that. Good luck!

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Will you take the time to enter this contest on the game's forums, or would only a larger prize give you enough incentive to do so? Sound off in the comments.