Game of the Day: Monster Castle Defense

monster castle defense game of the day
Wow folks, this is one awesome Game of the Day. If you're a fan of games like Plants vs. Zombies, you're going to love this cute tower defense game.

In Monster Castle Defense, protect your queen from the evil human army that wants to destroy her. Summon monsters, upgrade, and evolve a powerful army. You'll have to choose which monsters to use and where to place them. Make too many bad decisions and the humans will crash through your front lines and the helpless princess will be defenseless. Your monster army is the only thing standing between the princess and her certain demise. So do not hesitate and do not falter; click below to get started!

Click here to play Monster Castle Defense!
monster castle defense game of the daymonster castle defense game of the day
Pro Tips:
I worked out a strategy that does really well in the first three levels. At the front of each row, place two slimes and two skeletons. Then at the back of each row, place four or five ranged units. When the ranged units get together in a clump they can be very powerful, especially if the enemies are stuck in slime. It's also a good idea to scatter a few bee trees around for extra damage. Finally, make sure to upgrade your monsters as soon as possible!

Click here to play Monster Castle Defense!

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