Keep the little ones off of Facebook: MokoFarm is FarmVille for kids


You love them to tears, but your kids want shut the heck up about FarmVille. And what (good) parent wants their toddler on Facebook? MokoMomo Interactive has released MokoFarm for the iPad for $1.99 on the App Store. This game is said to give kids the FarmVille experience and might teach them a thing or two in the process. And near everything in the game is touchable.

And we all know your kids like to touch things--you put those plastic things on the outlets around the house for a reason. MokoFarm doesn't look like it's limited by the boundaries of normal social games like energy or lengthy time constraints. However, kids can also share their farm creations through their parents' Facebook accounts. According to MokoMomo, the game is narrated to help the younger folks learn new words.

Of course, the common FarmVille-like tropes are all present like buying animals, crops and new buildings to deck out the farm. That said, nearly every piece of content, including the animals, appear to be interactive. Kids can tap the windmills to make them spin, touch trees to shake their leaves and tap critters to make them run. Your tike can even take pictures of his/her farm to send to you. Sure, it's no FarmVille, but for what it's worth it looks pretty darn close.

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