Microsoft breaks adorable new ground with Kinectimals for iPhone, iPad

Kinectimals on iPhone
Kinectimals on iPhone

You read that right: Microsoft Studios has released a game for an Apple device. (Did you see that pig?!) Kinectimals, the popular kids game that launched with the Xbox 360 Kinect, is now available for iPhone and iPad for $2.99. The game appears similar to the original in that players can interact, feed and play with a number of wild pets through touch controls.

The game also provides five exclusive new pets for those who already own the Kinect version of Kinectimals for their Xbox 360. The visuals in this mobile version of the motion-controlled selling point for Kinect look nearly identical, which is far from a bad thing. If anything, based on screen shots, it's testament to how far iPhones and iPads have come in the graphics department. As for play hooks, they look like much of the same, but with the novelty of touch rather than motion.

Created by Frontier Developments and published by Microsoft Studios, Kinectimals on iOS devices not only breaks its exclusivity with Windows Phone, but could mark the start of an interesting relationship. Microsoft and Apple aren't exactly best buddies, and never would the latter release a product on the former's hardware. Perhaps this is an attempt to foster some sort of relationship with the iPad maker. What we do know, however, is that your kids are probably going to go bonkers over this.

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