What's still missing in FarmVille?

farmville features missing problemsDuring FarmVille's two and a half year lifetime, countless new features have rolled out, expanding what farmers can do in the game. Animal buildings, crafting, additional farms, cooperative farming, as well as hundreds of new items have been added to the game. But I'm sure every farmer would agree with me when I say that FarmVille still hasn't reached its full potential. The game is still plagued with problems and missing a bunch of potentially awesome features.

So to figure out what's still missing in FarmVille, we went to the experts: you guys. Of course, most people rightly commented on not having enough Farm Cash, not being able to share items between farms, and performance problems such as loading times. However, many FarmVille players shared great ideas for new features. Check out some of the user submitted FarmVille feature ideas below and let us know which ones you think belong in the game.

Here's what the readers of the Games.com Blog thought was still missing from FarmVille:

Animal Grooming
You should be able to groom your animals properly,wash them, and give them funky hair styles. I would do this to attract more players of different ages and also to make the game have a bit more of a fun factor. :D
Submitted by Scott P.

farmville weather effects
Weather Effects
I'd add weather. If it rained, the crops would grow faster. If it was hot, they'd take longer, etc. To counter the effects of the weather, we'd be armed with certain tools, like turning a sprinkler on/off when it was too hot on the farm.
Submitted by Sophia G.

Farm Decorating Tips
I would add the ability to help redecorate neighbors' farms. We would be able to redecorate 5 items each time we visit a neighbor. The neighbor can check out the changes and accept or decline the redecoration suggestion. The farmer who accumulates the largest amount of accepted farm redecoration points should be able to win something special.
Submitted by Crisol E.

farmville auction house
FarmVille Auction House
We should be able to auction our items off to our neighbors. Whatever the person buys it for, thats the amount of coins we get. There's alot of people with multiple special types of foals or trees that simply end up selling them. For those of us who dont have those items, it would be nice to have a better chance at getting them.
Submitted by Beth F.

farmville roads
I would add the ability to create real roads. How many real farms do you see without roads to the buildings, houses etc? This would open up a whole new way to add a touch of reality to the farms. I would love to be able to put my tractor, seeder, and harvester on a road leading to my fields.
Submitted by Kim M.

Exclusive Extinct Animals
I would love to see animals in FarmVille that are on the extinction list. This would bring awareness and spark some interest. I would love to see breeding of the animals and possibly even make new animals.
Submitted by Shannon H.

farmville fishing
Farmville should have fishing added to it. Players would be able to catch fish and choose to either sell the catch or keep it and possibly add it to their fishing nursery or collection. Different rods and lures would affect the type of fish caught. FarmVille fishing could even provide a player vs player mode with timed fishing competitions where the largest catch or the player with the most fish wins. Fishing would involve a mini-game where players reel in fish, but pulling too hard would risk snapping the line. I think it would be a huge hit!
Submitted by Ivan A.

Exploring Buildings
I would like the ability to do something with the buildings on our Farms. For example, I have a huge castle on my English farm that does nothing but look pretty. I would love the ability to go inside, even if it was only one room. Inside there might be things to interact with, like pets or plants that can be stored inside.
Submitted by Amber R.

Now that you've read all the great feature ideas that our readers would love to see in FarmVille, it's time for you to choose. Which of these feature ideas do you like the best? Cast your vote in the above poll.

Which was your favorite feature idea? What would you add to FarmVille?
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