CityVille Food Court: Everything you need to know

While having Malls in CityVille is one thing, what if you could instead store your businesses in specialty buildings that would always let you keep track of just which items those buildings contain? With so many goals asking you to master specific businesses, it can be difficult to remember where you placed that French Restaurant (as an example), but luckily, Zynga has changed that this week.

A new system of Specialty Malls has started rolling out in the game, starting with the Food Court. The Food Court is, of course, used for storing Restaurants, but it works the same as other Malls, and specifically Neighborhoods. It costs 20,000 coins to purchase from the store, and can hold up to 15 Restaurants. This Food Court is a long, slender building similar to the Mall, and it requires 10 energy to build its frame.

From there, you'll need to collect building materials to finish it off.

  • 5 Wet Floor Signs

  • 5 Plastic Trays

  • 5 To-Go Cups

  • 5 Tables

  • 5 Food Samples

The Wet Floor Signs, To-Go Cups and Food Samples are earned through individual requests sent to friends, while the Plastic Trays and Tables are earned through general news items you'll place on your wall. After that, you'll go through the expected process of upgrading the Food Court to the third level, increasing its capacity to the full 15 restaurant storage limit.

There's a new goal that goes along with this one, called "Open a Food Court." It asks you to build the Food Court to completion, and then store two restaurants inside it. Finishing this goal gives you the Valet Parking item, a decoration that offers a 5% bonus payout to surrounding structures.

With these new specialty malls, you'll be able to build as many as you like inside your city, until you have stored every single restaurant in your town. Sure, this will be a time consuming process, but with land space being such a commodity, it's worth it to at least build one, don't you think?

Let us know what you think of these Food Courts in the comments. Do you think it's worth having businesses if you store them and can't see them, or will you fill your city with these new specialty malls? Sound off in the comments.