CityVille Fashion Center: Everything you need to know

In addition to the Food Court, another new Specialty Mall has launched in CityVille this evening in the form of the Fashion Center. This Fashion Center will work similarly to CityVille's system of Neighborhoods, in that it's built for a very specific set of buildings - "Fashion Boutiques" - and can hold up to 15 of them. Of course, you'll have to do quite a bit of work to actually unlock all of that storage space in your town.

You'll be able to purchase the base of a Fashion Center for 20,000 coins from the game's store (if you're having trouble finding them, look in the Businesses tab, under the Malls heading). The frame requires 10 energy to construct, and from there you can go about collecting a series of building materials with friends.

  • 5 Shoe Displays

  • 5 Clothes Racks

  • 5 Designer Handbags

  • 5 Mannequins

  • 5 Designer Blouses

For these items, the Shoe Displays, Clothes Racks and Mannequins are earned through individual requests sent out to friends, while the Designer Handbags and Designer Blouses are earned by posting general requests on your wall. Unfortunately, you will need to finish this item collection before ever being able to store Fashion Boutiques within your Fashion Center, and from there, you'll need to do even more of the same to take the building from Level 1 all of the way up to Level 3, where you'll finally receive your full 15 slots of business storage.

So what exactly qualifies as a "Fashion Boutique?" If you can't tell by the name of a business, just hover over it in the game's store and a new window will pop-up telling you which category it falls into. Or, you can simply click on the Fashion heading in the Businesses tab in the store, as this will show you businesses like the Cosmetic Store, Shoe Store, Swimwear Shop and more, all of which qualify as a Fashion Boutique.

With the Food Court and Fashion Center, we've now seen two buildings released that will clear out a large junk of your Businesses that might be cluttering your land. It will be interesting to see how quickly (if ever) additional Specialty Malls are released, and which themes they'll store (perhaps Retail will be next?). Either way, we'll make sure to let you know when those buildings arrive (as it's almost guaranteed they will).

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What do you think of the Fashion Center in CityVille? Will you build one to store your fashion-centric businesses in your city, or do you like keeping businesses out in full view for the variety they add to your town's look? Sound off in the comments.