Bejeweled bursts onto Google Chrome; PvZ, Peggle hit Android Market

Bejeweled on Chrome
Bejeweled on Chrome

PopCap's giving Google some love this week. The casual and social games maker announced that a custom version of Bejeweled is available now on the search-gone-apps-gone-everything giant's Chrome Web Store for absolutely nothing. This version of the crystal crusher was built using HTML5, an emergent web coding standard gaining popularity in game creation.

According to PopCap's Bejeweled franchise business director Giordano Bruno Contestabile, the game features accelerated 3D graphics and that "this game is one of the most advanced and impressive HTML5 games yet implemented." This HTML5 take on Bejeweled sports two play modes: Classic and Speed. However, finding the legit version of the game can be a doozy. Our advice is to choose the one uploaded by ""

Once you load the game, you'll notice those "accelerated 3D graphics" almost immediately. Then try completing a level, and you'll know exactly what PopCap is talking about. In addition to Bejeweled's new found home, the company has provided both Plants vs Zombies and Peggle a new place to hang: the Android Market. While both games have been available on Android devices for some time, they were exclusively offered through Amazon's Appstore. Both games will be available on Android Market this week.

With new versions of Bejeweled on iOS released last week, rumored games in the works for Facebook and now a Chrome version of its most popular game, PopCap is damn near everywhere. And how could we forget about that adorable little dragon coming this winter?

Have you tried Bejeweled on the Chrome Store yet? What game would you like to see PopCap adapt or create next, and where? Sound off in the comments. Add Comment.

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