Adventure World Indy's Tent: Everything you need to know

A new building has launched in Adventure World, this time incorporating even more in the way of Indiana Jones content. You'll be able to build "Indy's Tent" on your Base Camp, and then use this new building to craft gadgets, similar to how you built Zoey's Tent (remember, she was Indy's friend in the storyline) and then used it to craft various items.

First though, you'll need to collect parts to actually construct Indy's Tent. You'll need to gather six items, some of which you may already have on hand.

  • 10 Canvas

  • 10 Mallets

  • 10 Tent Stakes

  • 10 Steamer Trunks

  • 10 Pillows

  • 10 Hat Racks

For these items, you'll need to ask your friends to send you the Canvas pieces, Mallets and Tent Stakes through general news items you'll post on your wall, while the other three items are earned through requests sent to individual friends in the game. You can also purchase each individual item with Adventure Cash, although I don't have to say that's an incredibly costly option. Finally, if you already have friends that have an Indy's Tent on their own Base Camps, you'll be able to earn parts at random by tending them while you're visiting.

Once you're done completing Indy's Tent, you'll be able to use it to craft items like bait for both Rams and Snakes, Bear Traps and even Grease that will help you with the blocks that you need to push around on certain Expedition maps.

As usual, we'll continue to bring you guides to completing other features within Adventure World, so keep checking back with us!

What do you think of Indy's Tent in Adventure World? Do you like the many gadgets you can now craft, or do you think these items should be available to purchase instead? Sound off in the comments.