Will the infamous 'Add Me' page be but a memory, thanks to Zynga?

Add Me!Update: Thanks to a few of our awesome readers, we've learned that the "Zynga Recommended Friends" feature is live. You can access it and make the change right here. However, it appears that this option is simply to opt out of features like FarmVille Friends and Building Buddies. However, Zynga game-wide recommended friends is still a possibility in the future.

Man, and we just made all of those "Add Me" pages! Fansite CE Gamers reports that Zynga will soon (or already has) roll out a feature known as "Zynga Recommended Friends." This will allow the developer to recommend friends for you--regardless of whether they're your Facebook friends--based on your level, mutual (in-game) friends.

In essence, this is FarmVille Friends, but across all Zynga games. CE Gamers provides the below screen shot, but it's unclear where this image comes from exactly, as the Zynga home page does not have a log-in option that we're aware of. And RewardVille only allows log-ins via Facebook with no customization options. Our best guess is that this is part of the upcoming Project Z initiative, which will supposedly a Zynga games network outside of Facebook ... but powered by Facebook.

However, here's the thing: According to this screen shot, Zynga friends that aren't Facebook friends with you will have access to your public profile. That's all well and good for those who know how to put their profile on lockdown, but what about those who don't? And while it appears that you'll be able to opt out of recommendations, you may still receive them from Zynga. Just think--soon, you might not have to get lost in 2,500 comment-long threads, all with the same words: Add Me!!!11!11!!!1
Zynga Recommened Friends

Would you prefer to have Zynga recommend friends for you? Is Zynga going too far with your privacy, should you opt in? Sound off in the comments. Add Comment.
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