Cool story, Storm8: Zoo Story 2, Pet Shop hit iPhone, iPad for free

Joe Osborne
Pet Shop Story
Pet Shop Story

Seriously, though. Mobile social game publisher Storm8 announced that two new games in its popular "Story" franchise of games have hit the App Store for both iPhone and iPad. (And for free, mind you.) Both developed by TeamLava, Zoo Story 2 and Pet Shop Story are available now on nearly all Apple devices, and mark the 10th and 11th releases from the developer in 18 months.

Zoo Story 2, according to Storm8 CEO Perry Tam, is "the most beautiful, fun and social zoo game on iOS." The game allows players to create their own zoos from scratch, choose from more than 100 animals to populate it and even crossbreed critters. Ever wanted to make your own gryphon? You got it. How about a flying monkey? Yours. Of course, players can invite friends to their zoos through Facebook Connect and help them build new habitats for their animals through gifting.

Pet Shop Story, however, sounds as if it's the same premise in a different setting. (Or would that be the other way around?) Players can create a thriving pet shop with a wide variety of domesticated animals. As with the former, you can also crossbreed your pets, though it doesn't sound like you'll be able to create creatures like winged dogs or cats with fins. Of course, this game too allows for friendly interactions via Facebook Connect, and we're sure you're going to need it.

Zoo Story 2
Zoo Story 2

Storm8 is on a roll with mobile social games this year. In June, the publisher had its first million-dollar day, meaning it made $1 million in a single day from virtual goods sales. And now, it's one of the launch partners on the release of Facebook Mobile platform, with games like World War available in HTML5. So, yes: Cool story, bro Storm8.

Click here to download Zoo Story 2
and here to download Pet Shop Story for free Now >

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