The Sims Social stumbles behind FarmVille, Zynga Poker etc. on charts

The Sims Social decline
The Sims Social decline

EA and Playfish's flagship Facebook game took another unfortunate tumble over the weekend, falling behind the social games giant Zynga in both monthly and daily players. The Sims Social is now the fifth most played Facebook game monthly, and the sixth most played on the network daily. Now, the FarmVille maker once again holds the top five Facebook games in daily players.

The Sims Social lost 200,000 daily players over the weekend and 1.2 million monthly players over the past week. Sadly, it looks like Playfish's most successful game to date shows no signs of stemming off its steep decline, according to AppData. In the game's defense, last week was huge for Zynga (at least for daily players), thanks to one man: Mr. Alec Baldwin.

When the actor became rather vocal on both Twitter and The Huffington Post for his Words With Friends-fueled snafu with American Airlines, he inadvertently endorsed Zynga's Scrabble competitor. As a result, the game welcomed 500,000 more daily players in seven days, launching it past The Sims Social. Granted, things haven't been so hot for the social take on The Sims long before Baldwin's blunder.

The game has been in decline for some time now, and many players chalk it up to glitches and errors that have gone unfixed. However, we chalk it up to the fact that The Sims Social hasn't enjoyed major content updates on the scale of Zynga's games, like FarmVille's Winter Wonderland. However, this could be an issue of exactly that: scale. Playfish is five studios, while Zynga is 20-something at this point. Regardless, The Sims could always use cars ... or how about vacation homes?

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