The Sims Social PSA: Playfish Cash Cards on sale on Target

Heads up! If you're a player of one Playfish's Facebook games - The Sims Social, Pet Society, Restaurant City, FIFA Superstars or Madden NFL Superstars, as examples - you'll want to pay attention to Target this week, as the department store is offering $10 Playfish Cash Cards for 20% off. To be specific, that makes a $10 Cash Card just $8. You can redeem these cards on Playfish's website by simply connecting your Facebook account, choosing your game and redeeming your code.

If you're one that only checks your weekly newspaper ads for deals, you will have missed this one, as it's not technically a "sale," but rather a case where the price has been temporarily cut (a Temporary Price Cut, or TPC, in Target jargon). Typically, these TPC events last a few weeks or longer, but we don't have that luxury here. This deal ends on December 17.

Using the Sims Social as an example, if you choose to redeem your card for SimCash, you'll receive 72 SimCash for the $8 price. That's the $10 bundle of SimCash, but of course you will have paid $2 less to receive it. It's not a huge savings, but if you were already planning on purchasing a Cash Card as a present this holiday season, why not save money where you can?

This Playfish sale follows a similar discount on Zynga Game Cards at Target, so could Playdom or another major Facebook game developer be next? You can be sure we'll keep an eye on things and will let you know when and if another opportunity to save some money comes around.

Will you buy a Playfish Cash Card for someone special this holiday since they're now on sale, or will you use your Playfish Cash Card as an early present for yourself? Sound off in the comments.

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