Pioneer Trail Winter Critter Collection: Earn a free Polar Cub with your purchase


Yet another animal collection has launched in Pioneer Trail, this one taking us straight into winter (but not necessarily the holidays), offering us a set of six different animals. Five of these are available to purchase with Horseshoes, while the final animal is your free prize - an incentive for purchasing all five of the others.

Here's the lineup of available animals, along with their prices:

  • Snowshoe Bunny - 30 Horseshoes

  • Snow Owlet - 35 Horseshoes

  • Winter Calf - 40 Horseshoes

  • Arctic Pup - 45 Horeshoes

  • Snow Cub - 50 Horseshoes

If we do the math on this, that's a grand total of 200 Horseshoes for the five animals, and you'll need to invest in all five of them in order to win the "free" Polar Cub. After spending 200 Horseshoes, that definitely takes away from the idea of this one being free, though doesn't it?

Either way, you'll have just two days to make up your mind as to whether or not the Polar Cub (or any of these animals) is worth its price, as this collection will retire after that point. It's likely another collection will launch shortly thereafter (as Zynga has grown quite fond of them over the past few weeks), so we'll make sure to let you know what new items are offered if and when that happens.

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Will you buy any of these five animals, or will you purchase all five to earn the free Polar Cub? Sound off in the comments.