Game of the Day: Hexa Connect

hexa connect game of the day
Hexa Connect may not be the most visually appealing online game you've ever seen, but it is definitely a great game that should not be passed up. The object is simple: take over the entire game board with the least amount of moves.

To take over the game board you'll have to turn all the hexagons into cubes. To conquer the hexagons, you have to the match the color of the cubes to the color of the hexagons adjacent to those cubes. You only have a limited number of color changes though, so plan your strategy carefully. Once you've decided on your next move, click on the color at the bottom of the screen and watch the cube takeover unfold!

Click here to play Hexa Connect!
hexa connect game of the dayhexa connect game of the day
How far were you able to get in Hexa Connect?
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