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hair styling tips job interviewIt's 4 pm and you got THE call! You have a job interview at 9:00 a.m. in the morning. That's great news, but your hair is a disaster and it's too late to see your stylist for a trim or hair color. What should you do? The following DIY hair mask recipes and rinses, from my doctor-recommended book, "Hollywood Beauty Secrets: Remedies to the Rescue" will solve most hair disasters, with just one application. And best of all, they're affordable!

Hair Disasters Solved with Louisa's DIY Recipes

Hair Conditioning Mask for Dull, Dry, Brittle Hair & Split Ends

Whether you've got dull, dry, brittle hair or split ends, this hair conditioning mask offers excellent hydration. Combine ½ mashed avocado, 1 slightly beaten egg and 1 tbsp. olive or safflower oil. Shampoo hair first and apply the mixture onto wet hair. Put on a shower cap and leave on for 30 minutes. To boost penetration warm a towel in a dryer and wrap the warm towel over the shower cap. Rinse out the mask, and then shampoo hair as normal. Use cool water as a final rinse to help close follicles and give the hair a lovely sheen.

Product Build-Up Hair Clarifying Recipe

Combine 1 tsp. baking soda with 1 tbsp. shampoo and cleanse hair with this mixture. Then rinse and condition hair. For added shine, use cold water as a final rinse. This closes the follicles.

Natural Brunette Hair Rinse for Shine

Black tea contains tannic acid that can help dark hair look super shiny. Place two black tea bags in 2 cups of hot water. Let steep, then cool and remove tea bags. Shampoo and condition hair as normal then use the black tea as your final hair rinse.

Natural Red Hair Rinse for Brighter Color and Shine

For natural red heads, lemon juice and cranberry tea can add highlights to hair. Place two cranberry tea bags in 2 cups of boiled water with 2 tbsp. freshly squeezed lemon juice. Let steep, cool and remove tea bags. Shampoo and condition hair as usual, then use this mixture as your final hair rinse.

Natural Blonde Hair Rinse

For natural blonde hair place 2 chamomile tea bags in two cups of hot water and 1/8 cup of apple cider vinegar. Let cool and remove tea bags. Shampoo and condition hair as usual, then use mixture as your final rinse.

Blow Drying Tips

Use a medium heat setting to blow dry hair. Hold dryer four to six inches away from hair to prevent damage. Finish drying with a blast of cool air to close hair follicles and add shine. Consider investing in an ion blow dryer. The ions in the warm air break down water molecules and lock in moisture. Ion dryers dry hair faster, preventing dry, frizzy or damaged hair.

Now, flaunt that gorgeous hair and go get that job!

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