Playdom searches for further success with Gardens of Time for iPad

Gardens of Time iPad
Gardens of Time iPad

Warning: This is one of those news pieces that you'll read and think, "Shouldn't I have read this months ago?" Playdom has finally launched Gardens of Time for the iPad, a long overdue expansion of its most popular Facebook game. The 9 million monthly and 2 million daily player-strong game will now likely gobble up the App Store, because it's completely free to play.

While that likely means the iPad version of the game is limited by the same design choices of the Facebook version (Energy, namely), that doesn't make the news any less exciting. Well, the game is also independent from the Facebook version, which could be a bummer for some. However, this version of Gardens of Time sports OpenFeint, Game Centerand Facebook support.

The game will play out largely similar to the Facebook version in that you're the newest recruit to the Time Society, and it's up to you to recover misplaced objects in time and restore them to their respective gardens ... of time. As players complete the numerous hidden-object puzzles, they'll acquire new items to decorate their gardens with and thus unlock more locales to search. Well, showing off you garden to your friends is an added bonus.

This version of the game also allows players to challenge their friends in timed hidden-object matches. But really, we're just excited about getting to touch objects rather than click. We imagine the "ah-ha!" moments are so much cooler when you get to touch the objects with the finger you raised in the air in excitement, you know, if you own the $500 gadget.

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[Via VentureBeat]

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