CityVille Harmony Heights Neighborhood: Everything you need to know

Apparently, the Family Complex Neighborhood in CityVille went over pretty well with users, with a smaller base size but the same capacity for holding 15 family residences. Why would I assume that? Well, it's simple - a new, smaller neighborhood has been released in the game this weekend, this time to hold apartments. The new Harmony Heights neighborhood is a sleek and stylish modern building that costs just 10,000 coins to purchase from the store.

The base of the Harmony Heights neighborhood requires six energy to build. From there, you'll be given the standard reward: two free storage slots in your first block that can hold two apartments that are currently sitting in your city. From there, you'll need to ask three friends to staff positions to hold three more homes on this first Block of your neighborhood. Once Block 1 is full of five homes, you'll start the building process for Block 2, which requires the following items:

  • 5 Glass Panes

  • 5 Circuit Boxes

  • 5 Window Panes

  • 5 LEaf Blowers

  • 5 Thermostats

These items are earned through a combination of general wall posts and individual request sent to your CityVille neighbors. Once you collect these items, you'll be able to start staffing Block 2 with four additional friends (one slot will be given to you for free by Sam), for a total of 10 homes being stored. After going through another building material collection process - this time requiring you to collect 10 each of the above items - you'll need to ask five final friends to staff Block 3, giving you a completely finished Harmony Heights neighborhood, capable of storing 15 individual apartments, freeing up tons of space on your land.

Hopefully, now that we've seen a smaller neighborhood released for both homes and apartments, mansions and vacation homes will be next. We'll make sure to let you know if and when that happens.

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What do you think of this Harmony Heights neighborhood in CityVille? Will you switch to these smaller neighborhoods from here on out, or do you appreciate the detail and variety present in the larger neighborhood sizes? Sound off in the comments.