CityVille Branching Out Timed Goal: Everything you need to know

Continuing in the winter holiday celebration in CityVille is a new timed goal called "Branching Out." This one is available to users Level 40 or higher, and it comes with a two-day time limit for the Gold Trophy. The story here is that you're looking to pick out the perfect live Christmas Tree for Paul's family, and you'll need to complete three tasks to finish this goal off:

  • Ask for 18 Puffy Jackets

  • Collect 10 Wreath Clippings

  • Collect from 60 Residences

It doesn't matter which kind of residence you collect from, so feel free to collect from those that regenerate rent quickly to save time. As for the Puffy Jackets, you'll earn these by asking your friends to send them to you via a general news post on your wall. As for the Wreath Clippings, you can earn these at random by collecting from businesses. Hopefully, this will be a case where you'll actually be able to receive these items at a fast pace, rather than needing to collect from every business in your town multiple times just to earn a single Wreath (as has been the case with previous events).

Either way, if you can finish all three of these tasks within 48 hours - two days - you'll receive the Gold Trophy, 10,000 coins and a Perfect Tree. Finishing within 96 hours gives you the Silver Trophy, 5,000 coins and 5 energy, and finally, finishing at any point after the first 96 hours have passed (that's four days) grants you the Bronze Trophy and just 5,000 coins.

It's likely that this goal will vanish from the game altogether after the Winter Holiday season passes in the game, so while you don't have to start on it immediately, you want to try your best to finish it off before Christmas itself arrives and you (likely) miss your chance.

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What do you think of this Branching Out timed goal? Will you start on it immediately in your city, or will you put it off until you've finished some other things first? Sound off in the comments.