Cafe World Gift Wrapper: Everything you need to know

As part of Cafe World's massive holiday event called Winterfest, we've been asked to complete a new building project in the game. This Gift Wrapper will allow you to start sending gifts to your friends, which gives you gifts in return, as well as entries (Raffle Tickets) into the grand prize sweepstakes of this Winterfest event. Winterfest will only last 12 days, as of this writing, so let's get started on this as soon as we can!

To build the Gift Wrapper, you'll need to collect the following:

  • 6 Wrapping Paper

  • 5 Ribbons

  • 7 Conveyor Belts

  • 6 Smokestacks

Of course, these items are earned by asking your friends to send them to you, with the Wrapping Paper and Conveyor Belts coming from individual requests to different friends and the Ribbons and Smokestacks being earned through general news posts on your wall. You can also purchase each of these items with Cafe Cash.

So what's the grand prize associated with the event? A $500 "shopping spree," for one lucky player. A first place prize will see 1,000 players walk away with 100 Cafe Cash, while a second place prize will be awarded to 500 players. They'll receive a Holiday 50% 4X Lightning Stove. Each time a friend accepts a gift that you send them, you'll receive a raffle ticket into this drawing.

Unfortunately, this Gift Wrapper is just the first of many, many steps necessary to complete the entire Winterfest event in your Cafe, and we're working on bringing you guides to two additional catering orders, two goal series and another building project just as soon as we know more (most of this isn't currently available in the game as of this writing). Good luck finishing everything in time!

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What do you think of the Winterfest event in Cafe World so far? Sound off in the comments.