Pioneer Trail Flower Power Timed Goal: Everything you need to know

If you've yet to head off into Holiday Hollow in Pioneer Trail, you'll be happy to know that a new timed goal has been released to give you something else to occupy yourself with while you're waiting. This new timed goal is called "Flower Power" and it sees a young man named Benjamin trying to find the biggest bouquet of flowers for the love of his live, Beatrice. You'll need to help the poor kid out by planting and clearing some flowers on your own land for his bouquet.

You must be at least Level 15 to access this timed goal, and you'll have five days to complete it once you manually start the goal on your Homestead. It expires on January 31, so if you'd rather complete the majority (or perhaps all) of Holiday Hollow proper before starting this goal, you should have plenty of time to do just that. Here's what to expect once you dive in:

Clear 40 Wildflowers
Collect 20 Pink Carnations
Collect 20 Flower Vases

Of course, this goal combines completing tasks on your own (like clearing the Wildflowers) with asking your friends for help, but it's nothing overly complicated. So long as you have enough Wildflowers (or enough collections to turn in for free Wildflowers), you should have no problem finishing this one in the five days allowed. If you can do just that, you'll receive a Big Present, 20 Candy Canes (the prize currency in Holiday Hollow) and 500 XP.

Remember, you can manually start this goal whenever you want, so don't panic! Just have fun with it, or maybe even prepare your land ahead of time (letting flowers grow) so that you can have an even easier time of it once you do begin. Good luck!

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