FarmVille Winter Wonderland: Buy an Unwither Ring for your Holiday farm

If you've already purchased an Unwither Ring for your other three farms in FarmVille, you might be interested in purchasing another in Winter Wonderland to complete your set. Luckily, you can now do just that, as an Unwither Ring "For Winter Wonderland" has launched in the game's store. This particular ring comes in a festive red box, and while you might already be able to guess the price, I'm actually pleased to say that your guess would be wrong.

Instead of being priced at 250 Farm Cash, as most other Unwither Rings are, this one is instead priced at 199 Farm Cash. Does that make it cheap? Most certainly not, but it is a savings of almost $10 off of the "normal" purchase price. This isn't a sale price on this particular Unwither Ring (at least, the store says nothing about it being a "sale"), so this is likely just Zynga's way of giving us a bit of a break this holiday.

If you're interested in purchasing an Unwither Ring for Winter Wonderland for yourself or for a friend (what a great present that would be, huh?), make sure you do so within the next 21 days, as it will be leaving the store at the end of the month.

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Will you purchase an Unwither Ring for your Winter Wonderland farm, or will you use this "discounted" price to your advantage and buy one or more as a gift for your most active neighbors? Sound off in the comments.