CityVille Governor's Mansion: Everything you need to know

After a long, hard-fought battle against Captain Krunsch for Governor in CityVille, it's time to be officially sworn into your new position. This is achieved via a new building project in the game called the Governor's Mansion. To be technical, you'll receive this Governor's Mansion for free, but you'll have to put in a lot of additional time and effort to actually finish it.

The Governor's Mansion, when completed, will offer 3,750 - 6,750 citizens to your town, and 526 coins in rent every 24 hours. It's a similar building to the Tonga Tower or more recently the City Music Hall, in that you'll need to not only collect building materials to finish it off, but also complete two other tasks to actually complete the construction of the building.

First things first, you'll need to be Level 50 or higher to access this feature. You'll receive an overall goal - Mansion Move-In - that simply asks you to place and complete the construction on the Governor's Mansion. You'll receive 100,000 coins and 15 energy at the end of that single goal. To build the Governor's Mansion itself, you'll need to first place the base and then complete three tasks:

Gather Parts
Upgrade one Metropolis Business to Level 2
Upgrade one Metropolis Crop to Level 3

While all of these tasks are fairly time consuming, the "Gather Parts" requirement will require the most help from friends. You'll need to ask them for the following:

9 Appetizers
9 Flutes
9 Party Supplies
9 Handkerchiefs
9 Petit Fours

The Appetizers, Flutes and Party Supplies come by way of general news feed items you'll place on your wall, while the other two items are earned through individul requests to friends.

As for the other two requirements for the Governor's Mansion, the business upgrade task applies to the Body of Work, Intent Insurance, Sale-Mart, Intuition Technologies or Mega Nail Salon businesses. Some of these are available to purchase in the store (be prepared for some sticker-shock), while the Mega Nail Salon was a reward for finishing a goal in the Governor's Run event proper. If you've already deleted that one from your town, there's unfortunately no way to get it back, and you'll be forced to purchase one of these other options.

The Metropolis Crop requirement applies to Coffee, Golden Carrots and Golden Peas. Coffee would be the quickest crop to master, as it's premium and therefore requires only a handful of harvests to completely master. On the other hand, you'll pay 5 City Cash a square for such a quick path. The other two crops require far more time, as Golden Peas are only available to harvest after two days, while Golden Carrots take eight hours. Both of those crops take 50 harvests just to make it to Level 2, and you're going to 3!

If it hasn't been made clear by now, you're going to have to work a lot for your new building. Unless you're a master farmer, with tons of farmland and Goods storage space, you'll likely spend a few days in mastering one of these crops alone. We wish you luck in your attempt to complete this one, just don't be discouraged if it takes you longer than you would have liked - we're all in the same boat.

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What do you think of this Governor's Run home and event in CityVille? Were you hoping for something a bit less time consuming to end the feature? Sound off in the comments.