CastleVille: Winter Holidays have come to the kingdom

Over the past few days, you might have seen a teaser image in CastleVille, advertising the fact that Winter would be coming soon. Well, soon equals now, as a new collection of limited edition items has launched in the store this weekend. You'll be able to purchase new costumes for your avatar, snow to cover your kingdom's land, candy cane fences to keep those animals in check and more. Here's a complete look at the newly available items - get ready to go on a shopping spree!

Holiday Elf Blouse - 10 Crowns
Holiday Elf Coat - 10 Crowns
Holiday Elf Dress - 10 Crowns
Holiday Elf Hat - 5 Crowns
Holiday Elf Hat 2 - 5 Crowns
Holiday Elf Pants - 10 Crowns
Snowy Courtyard - 500 coins
Candy Cane Fence - 500 coins (per piece)

Snow Shovel - 300 coins
Candy Cane Sheep - 35 Crowns
Caught Gingerbread Man - 750 coins
Cozy Sheep - 10,000 coins
Escaping Gingerbread Man - 750 coins
Festive Candy Pole - 500 coins
Gingerbread House - 35 Crowns
Holiday Banner - 15 Crowns

Holiday Sheep - 25 Crowns
Holiday Candle Trio - 2,000 coins
Jingle Banner - 15 Crowns
Snuggly Sheep - 30 Crowns
Sweatered Sheep - 25 Crowns
Ivory Poinsettia - 400 coins
Pink Poinsettia - 15 Reputation Hearts
Poinsettia - 400 coins

In addition to these in-store items, you'll also receive some themed items when you complete activities around your kingdom. For instance, you might collect wind-up keys that are used in a Wind-Up Beastie recipe, while jingle bells go towards the Holiday Slippers collection.

It looks like the holidays are just starting in CastleVille, and we'll make sure to let you know when more winter / Christmas themed content is launched in the game. Keep checking back with us!

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What do you think of this set of limited edition winter holiday items in CastleVille? Will you go on a shopping spree to redecorate your kingdom? Sound off in the comments.