Building the Cafe World VIP Table: Everything you need to know

For the past few days, Zynga has been teasing us with images of VIPs that would soon make an appearance in our cafes in Cafe World. Well, the time has arrived for those very important guests to start showing up, but of course you'll need to do some work before you can actually get anything out of them. In this case, we're looking at a new building project called the VIP Table, which you'll of course need to serve VIPs (apparently they're too good for regular tables and chairs).

This VIP Table is a traditional building project, requiring you to gather four items in bulk:

  • 6 Expensive Tablecloths

  • 6 Gilded Candles

  • 8 Fancy Napkins

  • 8 Polished Silver

The Expensive Tablecloths and Fancy Napkins are earned through general news items you'll place on your wall, while the other two items come from individual request sent to those friends that are most likely to help you. You can also purchase each individual item with Cafe Cash, but that will become very expensive very quickly.

Once the VIP Table is complete, you'll start to see individual VIPs come to your cafe. You'll be introduced to them through a short back-story and will then have a chance to serve them. Each VIP has their own favorite recipes or other prizes available to win, so by serving them you'll have a chance to do just that - walk away with apparently exclusive recipes for your cookbook.

There is also a four-part goal series to go along with this VIP Table in Cafe World, and we'll work on bringing you a guide to completing those goals just as soon as we can. Keep checking back!

What do you think of the VIP Table feature in Cafe World? Do you like new recipes enough to work through completing this building project and goals? Sound off in the comments.