Cafe World New Spices Goals: Everything you need to know

Spices are a touchy subject when it comes to Cafe World. On the one hand, we have an issue of speeding up dish cooking times, which is (of course) helpful when trying to complete the many goals that are released each week or month in the game. On the other hand, we wouldn't really need to use as many spices if we were allowed more stoves or simply had more time to complete goals. Whatever your take on the matter, a trio of new spices has launched in the game this week, bringing with them boosts to dish mastery and a way to earn building materials or quest ingredients. Of course, you won't simply be able to walk away free and clear, receiving these free spices, as you'll need to complete an eight-part goal series to introduce you to the feature.

Please note that this series of goals asks you to cook random dishes, so there's no way we can predict what each and every one of you will need to cook. For that we apologize, but it is just a design choice Zynga has made this year.

A Strange Message

  • Ask for 15 Note Pieces

  • Serve 35 Dishes

  • Serve 40 Dishes

We're told right away that we won't even receive our first new spice package until completing the third goal in this series, so simply ask your friends for these Note Pieces (via a general news item on your wall) and then work as fast as you can through the two dishes you're assigned to cook.

Benish's Return

  • Ask for 15 Measuring Spoons

  • Ask for 10 Spice Jars

  • Serve 40 Dishes

Quest Bustin'

  • Ask for 20 Empty Boxes

  • Ask for 9 Note Pieces

  • Serve 40 Dishes

Your reward for this goal is a six-pack of one of the new spices in the game: the Quest Buster spice. This particular spice will give you one free building material or one free quest item (like those Note Pieces, for instance) each time you use one on a dish in your cafe.

The Raw Deal

  • Ask for 10 Spice Grinders

  • Serve 35 Dishes

  • Serve 40 Dishes

The Perfectionist

  • Ask for 20 Safety Goggles

  • Ask for 10 Magnifying Glasses

  • Serve 40 Dishes

This goal's reward is another six-pack of spices, but these are the new Mastery Maestro spice. This spice will give you a +3 mastery point boost on the dish that you spice. This effect does stack with the Grand Master Chef, if you happen to have one in your cafe.

Seeing Double

  • Ask for 15 Duplicators

  • Serve 40 Dishes

  • Serve 60 Dishes

The Perfect Spice

  • Collect 20 Secret Ingredients

  • Ask for 10 Bottles of Light

  • Serve 50 Dishes

Spice Lab

  • Ask for 25 Fusing Agents

  • Ask for 12 Activators

  • Serve 50 Dishes

This final goal rewards you with a six-pack of the third and final new spice in the game: Mega Instant Thyme. These spices combine the effects of the Quest Buster and Mastery Maestro spices, giving you both a quest or building item and +3 mastery points each time a single Mega Instant Thyme is used.

As with other spices, you can purchase these spices in bulk at any time if you've got the Cafe Cash on hand to spend. However, they aren't cheap, as a pack of six Mega Instant Thymes (for example) costs 75 Cafe Cash. Just think of what else you could do in the game with that kind of Cafe Cash! As it stands, you're free to purchase them if you want to, but we'll make sure to let you know of any other free spice opportunities if you'd rather not.

[Goals 2-8 via LightChan]

What do you think of these New Spice goals, or the new spices themselves? Have you ever purchased spices in your cafe, or do you never use spices at all? Sound off in the comments.