Wilson washes up on Pocket God players' shores on Facebook

Pocket God WilsonBoy, Pocket God seems to be killing it these days on Facebook. Well, it's more like the players are killing it in Pocket God on Facebook. Either way you look at it is a good reason for Canadian developer Frima Studio to update its social take on the hit mobile game. In "Episode 11 1/2," a new friend has arrived for all players to interact with and score goodies from: Wilson.

A clear nod to Tom Hanks's best, inanimate buddy in Castaway, Wilson sounds like the CityVille Sam or Frontier Jack of Pocket God. In that sense, he's a non-player friend for players to visit and get some free sacrifices from daily. Players can also drop Wilson on their islands for the same effect Frima tells us.

And speaking of curing "the lonelies," players can now use their friends' unlocked powers to clobber some pygmies while visiting their islands. And for checking out powers that you might not have, Frima will calm down your fit of jealousy with some free XP, SP and a devotion bonus.

And finally, a small power has been introduced to the game: the Glowfish. This power, according to Frima, will make your pygmies a whole lot brighter when eaten ... and probably make them explode or something else disastrous. With all of these changes, we could easily see the game's 170,000 players wiping out another 2 million pygmies by December 2012.
Pocket God update 11.5
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