Order & Chaos Online finds that subscriptions don't work on Facebook

Order & Chaos Online
And as a result, the game will be no more come Dec. 20. Mobile (and social) game developer Gameloft informed players from within the game. Order & Chaos Online for Facebook is the social version of the online mobile MMO (massively multiplayer online game) available on both iPhones and Android phones. So, if your one of the game's 2,000 daily players out there, bummer.

The message given to players in-game reminds them that they can join their friends on either their iOS or Android device to continue playing Order & Chaos. So, why did the game shut down after launching just in July of this year? While Gameloft hasn't provided an official explanation, we'd guess it's due to three things.
Order & Chaos Online closed
For one, 3D MMOs that require downloads (additional to the ubiquitous Flash), have control legends and list system requirements haven't done well on Facebook historically. Secondly, the game suffered severe security issues earlier this fall that could have very well scared many players away. And finally, when players in the game hit level 10, they were hit with a subscription fee to be paid in Facebook Credits in order to continue playing.

If there's one thing that's known about Facebook games, it's that nearly nobody likes to pay. And as for the 3 to 5 percent that do, they prefer to buy things at leisure, like new barns or an extra boost in energy to keep going. Order & Chaos Online threw the illusion of "free-to-play" out the window completely.

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Were you a fan of Order & Chaos enough to pay, an exception to the rule? What were your experiences in the game like? Could subscription-based social games ever work? Sound off in the comments. Add Comment.
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