GREE wants you ... to work for it in San Francisco (and play its games)

GREE billboard
GREE billboard

GREE, the Japanese mobile social game network, looks to make headway in the US and abroad in a big way. That is, the company wants to hire over 100 new employees in its San Francisco office and the surrounding Silicon Valley through 2012. Drivers on the I-80 will see the just lovely above billboard heading northbound for the next year, openly calling for new employees for the next year.

The news follows the Japanese company's announcement Friday detailing a number of other Japanese game makers hopping on board with its soon-to-be OpenFeint-powered game network on iPhones and Android phones. Developers like Capcom and Konami will bring acclaimed franchises to the platform when it launches as soon as April 2012, including Resident Evil and DanceDanceRevolution.

In other words, GREE looks like it's doing everything in its power to ensure that it catches up with competitors like DeNA and its ngmoco-powered Mobage mobile game network. (Zynga has also revealed that it has quite the following on mobile devices.) However, "April 2012" may as well be a lifetime in the mobile and social games space. Perhaps another 100 employees will help speed that process along, and maybe bring some more ... mainstream games to GREE when it finally launches next year. And nothing says "You'll love working with us" like a rotting pooch.

Do you think GREE has a chance of competing with the likes of DeNA, Zynga and other mobile game companies? Where do you prefer to get your social gaming on when on your phone? Sound off in the comments. Add Comment.

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