FHA Loans: What 3.5% Down Can Buy in This Housing Market

In today's Scrooge-like lending market, many borrowers are under the impression that they simply don't have the balance sheets or resumes necessary to buy a home. But while it's true that banks now hold borrowers to much stricter income standards, many homeowners can still pull off a home purchase with a startlingly low down payment: Only 3.5 percent through the Federal Housing Administration. Meanwhile, typical down payments in today's market can range anywhere from 10 to 20 percent and beyond. (Learn more about mortgage types in this AOL Real Estate video.)

Just recently, Congress raised the ceiling on FHA loans in more than 600 of the costlier counties in America. After factoring in at least a 3.5 percent down payment, borrowers in these upper-limit cities can now now qualify for an FHA home purchase of around $750,000.

Looking at housing markets around the nation that include some of these pricier enclaves, like New York City, Los Angeles and San Jose, we've compiled a list of homes for sale that push the FHA to the limit. Click the gallery below to see just how much the FHA can do for you.