FarmVille: Send your most helpful neighbors a gift this holiday

See the large green and red present in the corner of your FarmVille gameplay area? That belongs to a new feature that will allow you to send an exclusive gift to your neighbors this Christmas. The game will determine some of your most helpful neighbors (presumably those friends that respond to the most help requests, send the most gifts or visit your farms the most), and will give you a chance to send them a Present Tree; however, there's a catch.

Each Present Tree costs 5 Farm Cash, so if you want to send one, you'll be spending 5 Farm Cash to purchase and send that tree to a friend. As of this writing, the Present Tree isn't available to purchase in the store, so you can't just buy yourself one. You will need to be sent a tree by a friend. You can choose friends individually, or you can send a tree to all five friends in bulk for 25 Farm Cash per click. If you send more than one tree (regardless of who you send them to), you'll receive a Teddy Bear Gnome for yourself.

Putting this into perspective, that makes the Teddy Bear Gnome 10 Farm Cash, which is cheaper than most gnomes released in the store (a nice thing to consider, if you're a collector). And, you'll be able to make your friends' day in the process of earning this gnome for yourself. One final thing to note is that this feature isn't as exclusive as it might appear, as simply closing the window and then re-loading it will show you a different set of friends. In this way, you can choose your closest neighbors or friends to send a tree to, even if they don't show up immediately in your selection, and it also opens up the idea of trading with your friends. That is, if you want one of these trees for yourself, find a neighbor that your trust and exchange trees so you both have one at the cost of just 5 Farm Cash. Simple, right?

There's no time limit listed for this feature, but as it does revolve around Christmas presents, you should be able to wait until closer to Christmas to actually send them to friends. Still, I wouldn't blame you if you got this out of the way early - these trees are awesome, after all.

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Will you send some friends Holiday Present Trees in FarmVille? Will you send enough to receive the Teddy Bear Gnome? Sound off in the comments.