FarmVille Christmas Save the Children Campaign: Everything you need to know

This week marked the launch of Zynga's "A Very Merry Christmas" holiday video in FarmVille, which gave us just a taste of the game's "Save the Children" charity event for this year. Now that the event has actually launched in your game, you'll be able to give yourself the warm and fuzzies by knowing that you've helped those in need through one of three programs (or a combination of the three).

The next time you login to FarmVille, you'll be greeted with a window like the one below, asking you to consider donating one of three dollar amounts ranging from $10 to $20 to the Save the Children charity, which works to help impoverished children across the United States. You'll see exactly which area of the program your donation will benefit, with 100% of the proceeds going to support Save the Children's efforts.

At the $10 level, you'll receive a Teddy Bear Tree, with your $10 going to provide "Healthy Snacks" to children. At the $15 level, you'll help stock a Library and will receive a Holiday Pony. Finally, at the $20 level, you'll receive a permit to plant the Green Peppermint Crop, a limited edition crop that will be yours for a week. You'll be able to plant as many Green Peppermints as you like, with each rewarding you with 2 XP and 120 coins when harvesting after their 8-hour growing time. That contribution goes to fighting poverty in general, giving children a chance to participate in after-school activities or early learning programs (as two examples).

There's no time limit listed currently for how long you'll have to donate, but we'd assume the promotion will end shortly after Christmas. If you'd like to help those less fortunate, and receive something in your own game in the process, make sure to login to your game and check these options out in the store.

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Will you donate to this year's Save the Children Christmas campaign? Which donation level will you participate in? Sound off in the comments.