Zynga (and Jennifer Garner?) has 'A Very FarmVille Christmas' [Video]

A Very FarmVille Christmas
A Very FarmVille Christmas

It's officially Christmas in nearly all of Zynga's games, but one game in particular has gone all out this year: FarmVille. As in, went ahead and gave nearly all of the game's animals names and voices in the first ever FarmVille animated short, "A Very FarmVille Christmas." You'll notice that all the animals in the video are the same ones you can pick up at Best Buy in plush toy form.

You'll also notice that the video is voiced and animated surprisingly well. The FarmVille animals are writing their Christmas wishes to Santa, and cheeky dialog ensues. Finally, Santa responds, but we'll have to wait until Christmas Eve until we see what the man in red does to grant the animals' wishes. Oddly enough, the video is interrupted by Jennifer Garner (you know, of Elektra fame?).

Apparently, she's involved with Save the Children, and since Zynga is through FarmVille's Winter Wonderland this holiday, she's decided to chime in and tell you to play the game this season. That is, if you want to help some kids in need ... or because Jennifer Garner says so. Either way, check out the video below:

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