CityVille: McDonald's is back with a Downtown Holiday Restaurant

Back in October, McDonald's came to CityVille by way of a large McDonald's business that we could place and master in our towns. After the promotion ended, this restaurant was transformed into a simple "Burger Restaurant," but it has been transformed back into a McDonald's for the holidays. This new restaurant is available to users level 7 and above, but if you never had one to begin with, you will need to purchase one to participate.

The McDonald's Downtown Holiday Restaurant costs 5,000 coins to purchase from the store, but if you already have a restaurant from the previous McDonald's promotion, you can't build another one. It still requires 100 Goods to operate and will give you 500 coins when those goods have been used. As with the previous promotion, you'll earn mastery points for continuing to supply and collect from this business, and if you earn enough points by the end of the promotion period, you'll receive an Arch Light for free.

Currently, a bug is present with this building, preventing some users from seeing their mastery point progress, If the mastery bug has affected your game, we'd recommend waiting it out, as Zynga has already acknowledged the problem and is working to resolve it.

Either way, you'll only be able to add a new Downtown Holiday Restaurant to your town until December 27, and will have until January 3 to master the building for the free Arch Light. The sooner you start, the sooner you'll receive that free, exclusive prize so what are you waiting for? Hop to it!

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Did you master the first version of the McDonald's Restaurant in CityVille? Is your game suffering from either of the bugs we listed above? Sound off in the comments.