CityVille: Inventory changes mean you can hoard longer

If you're only a casual player of CityVille, the game's inventory limit of 2,000 individual items might not have mattered to you, as there was no way that you'd be able to hit it. However, if you're the kind of multi-tasking player that balances multiple building projects at once, or you simply save quest rewards in your inventory for further use, you've probably found yourself overwhelmed with individual building ingredients and prizes, to the point that you have to delete older items manually just to keep your inventory limit under control (after all, if your inventory is full, you can accept any further items to help you play).

That all has changed now, however, as Zynga has made a small, but incredibly helpful change to the way items are counted within your inventory. Now, instead of each individual item counting as one, the entire stack of that item now only takes up one space. For instance, let's say you have 15 bags of Cement in your inventory. Instead of those 15 bags counting as 15 points against your 2,000 item limit, they now only count as 1 point. That saves you 14 extra slots in your inventory, and the same can be said for any other duplicate item you currently own.

In my own case, with an inventory that was simply out of control, my inventory capacity went from around 1,980 items to just 291. That's a massive change, and if your game was affected similarly, this now removes a huge burden, as we won't have to waste time deleting items just so we can continue playing the game. Many may argue (myself included) that the entire concept of an inventory limit should be removed entirely, but for now, this is definitely a nice step in the right direction.

Were you the kind of player that had to constantly delete items in your inventory to make room for new quest or building materials? Sound off in the comments.