That's a big table: Zynga Poker hits the big screen on Google TV

Zynga Poker Google TV
Zynga Poker Google TV

Is that 13-inch laptop screen you're dealing in on in Zynga Poker simply not big enough? How does a 55-inch HD screen sound? We thought so. Zynga announced that its hit poker game has landed on Google TV, the search giant's ailing set-top box platform. Players can download the Zynga Poker app on Google TV, the first TV platform to offer the game.

VentureBeat points out that Zynga Poker (and we imagine other Facebook games) were already accessible through Google TV's support for Flash-based websites. But this dedicated version is "especially optimized for playing poker from the comfort of your own couch," Zynga said in a blog post. According to AppData, Zynga's age-old poker game has over 29 million monthly players across Facebook, iPhone, Android phones and more.

Of course, Zynga is looking to grow that player base with this release, but things aren't looking so hot for Google TV. Logitech, the primary partner for the platform, just ditched Google's effort after losing $100 million on its Logitech Revue box since last year, according to VentureBeat. Regardless, this could serve as a launchpad for Zynga Poker--and other games from the publisher, for that matter--to expand onto other connected TV options.

Devices like the Roku box have already invited big time casual games like Angry Birds, and PlayJam is making strides in smart TV gaming. In the grand scheme of things, it only makes sense. If companies like CrowdStar and Rovio want to hit that 1 billion fan mark, the most popular screen in the home is a fine place to start.

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