Chicago Sports Figures in Real Estate Bidding War?

theo epsteinWhat do you get when you mix a Chicago Cubs exec with a Chicago Blackhawks player? A bidding war over a Lakeview house, if speculation is to be believed. And let's just say that bidding wars in today's real estate market are about as rare as the Cubbies heading for the World Series.

Theo Epstein, the current Cubs savior, paid $3.25 million for a newly constructed 7,800-square-foot house near Wrigley Field, according to the Chicago Tribune. But what makes the sale especially intriguing is that the same house -- on and off the market for about a year at just under $3 million -- was in escrow to be sold to Blackhawk forward Patrick Sharp. Escrows, we know, can fall apart, and while nobody connected to the sale is talking to us about it, it certainly would seem like a Hawk just got outscored in the final period. Epstein sealed the deal five days after Sharp's escrow fell apart, records show. (The other possibility is that the Chicago-based developer, PLD Homes, threw in some last-minute upgrades.)

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Super Expensive Homes
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Chicago Sports Figures in Real Estate Bidding War?

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, we thought we'd bring you homes that their eventual owners should be really, really grateful to afford. From an $125 million Bel-Air chateau -- the country's most expensive listing -- to a veritable fortress in New Jersey, these homes are truly some of the most mind-blowing mansions to ever filter the light of day (through ornate skylights of course). Feast your eyes on unmatched residential eye candy. Then, might we suggest, move on to turkey. 

Location: Beverly Hills, Calif. 
Price: $54.95 million
Beds/Baths: 6/8
Sq. Ft.: 6,377

This carriage house, known as "Green Acres," doesn't deliver as many square feet as your typical uber-luxury home. But what it lacks in size, it makes up for with in lush tree-filled surroundings, gorgeous landscaping and extravagant interior. It has staff quarters, a private motor courtyard, eight stables, a guesthouse, pool house and gardens. 

See the listing for more details. 

Pictured here is the home's giant pool. Nearby is a two-bedroom pool house with a kitchen. The bonus dwelling also boasts its own fountains and private gardens. 

See more photos of this listing

Located: Beverly Hills, Calif. 
Price: $55 million
Beds/Baths: 8/13
Sq. Ft.: 27,163

Though it has an old-world feel, this home has only been around since 2003. Sitting on 2.17 acres of coveted Beverly Hills real estate, the Mediterranean offers a 20-car garage and private tennis courts. 

See the listing for more details.

Price per square foot for this sucker clocks in at $2,025. Other perks (to put it lightly) include a cabana, gazebo and guesthouse

See the listing for details. 

Location: Beverly Hills, Calif. 
Price: $55 million
Beds/Baths: 9/13
Sq. Ft.: 36,000

We agree with Weezer's lyric -- at least if we could live in this Chateau-style behemoth. The lavish estate features a cabana, guesthouse, swimming pool and private tennis court. 

See the listing for more details. 

The home has a regal foyer (pictured here) with marble floors and columns, along with a giant chandelier, ornate skylight and winding double staircase.

See a jaw-dropping slideshow of this property. 

Location: Alpine, N.J.
Price: $56 million
Beds/Baths: 12/19
Sq. Ft.: 30,000

With its spires, this stunning estate resembles a castle more than a colonial (the home's listed style). Offering mountain views, the home is shielded by a ring of trees on its perimeter that also encircles its massive pool and tennis court.

See the listing for details. 

The interior boasts gleaming hardwood floors, fireplaces and ceilings -- often coffered -- that are hung with chandeliers. Special amenities include a media room and indoor basketball court. 

See more photos of this home's grandeur. 

Location: Indian Creek Village, Fla. 
Price: $60 million
Beds/Baths: 10/14
Sq. Ft.: 30,000

According to the home's listing, this mansion is the most expensive home in Miami. The certified-green home (it's making up for all the carbon dioxide used to build it) boasts light-filtering louvered walls, a gourmet kitchen, a "servant room," and 100-foot resort pool.

See more of the mansion's amenities

Oh, and let's not forget the outdoor cascade, wine cellar, "chromotherapy spa and massage room," elevator, library and seven-car (limo-size at that) garage. There's also a panic room.

Learn more about this home

Location: Palm Beach, Fla. 
Price: $74 million
Beds/Baths: 9/17
Sq. Ft.: 27,355

The second-most-expensive house on "billionaires' row" in Palm Beach, Fla., this $74 million mega-mansion shamelessly pursues a level of extravagance matched only by its proletariat-galling inspiration: the French chateau.

See a full profile on this home or see the listing

The home includes a 4,000-square-foot master suite, eight bedrooms, a French kitchen (with an office for one of your prouder chefs), an art foyer and a 3,000-bottle bar. Pictured here is the home's lavish pavilion. 

See a gallery of this home

Location: Zephyr Cove, Nev.
Price: $75 million
Beds/Baths: 9/5
Sq. Ft.: 38,000

At 38,000 square feet, this mansion offers an enormous indoor pool with its own skylight, and it's set on 210 acres that offer mountain views, forests and ponds. Price per square foot? $1,974. 

See a slideshow of this listing. 

The great room has exposed-beam ceilings, a massive chandelier, sconces and expansive leaded windows. 

See the listing for more details. 

Location: New York
Price: $90 million
Beds/Baths: 10/11.5
Sq. Ft.: 18,000

Built by retail chain magnate Frank Woolworth, the "Woolworth Mansion" is currently Manhattan's most expensive listing. Behind its limestone facade, this neo-French Renaissance home on Fifth Avenue has a grand foyer, floor-to-ceiling windows, a dining room that can fit 50 guests and an expansive library. 

See more about the history of this famous mansion by viewing the listing

Decorated with extravagant finishes, other highlights include multiple kitchens, offices and fireplaces. There appear to be seven floors in total. Yup. 

See the listing for more details. 

Location: Windermere, Fla. 
Price: $75 million
Beds/Baths: 13/23
Sq. Ft.: 90,000

This unfinished chateau, not-so-discreetly-nicknamed Versailles, boasts an outrageous 90,000 square feet -- well, when it's completed it will -- and sits on 10 waterfront acres of a gated community. The massive project includes plans for 10 kitchens... What? 

Moving on, there are also 13 bedrooms and 23 bathrooms along with a 20-car garage, a bowling alley and an indoor roller rink. 

See the listing for more details. 

A previous AOL Real Estate item on the home tells us that the mansion is the brainchild of real estate tycoon David Siegel, owner of the largest privately held time-share company in America. Siegel froze construction on the home when his company, Westgate, began to suffer in the economic downturn. 

Learn more by reading AOL Real Estate's post about the property

Location: Bel Air, Calif. 
Price: $125 million
Beds/Baths: 12/15
Sq. Ft.: N/A (but probably more than enough) 

Topping our list, is this chateau-style estate that sits on four palatially-landscaped acres in the Bel-Air district of Los Angeles. The gated home offers a giant pool, 12 bedrooms, 15 bathrooms and exquisite interior details. 

See the listing for more on this whopper.  

Pictured here is a lavish dining area. There's a possibility that the decor costs as much as a college education. 

See more images of this $125 million estate. 


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