Sims Social Revenge of the Simch walkthrough: How to finish it fast

sims social simch quest

The Simch is back and grouchier than ever. That's why, in the new Sims Social holiday-themed quest -- The Revenge of the Simch -- has you doing off the wall things like blowing on icy furniture and checking in fellow Sims' fridges for the cranky blue creature.

This quest is comprised of five parts and is one of the easier holiday-themed quests that have appeared in the game so far. The good news: You aren't required to spend oodles of Simoleons buying a bunch of holiday-themed items to complete this quest, but you will have to visit and perform action at quite a few friends' houses. (My advice? Visit your lower level friends who don't have big houses -- they tend to load much faster than those with sprawling estates).

Here's an overview of what you'll need to get the Revenge of the Simch Quest done quickly (and ride your way to fun and relaxation on a brand new Rockadeer).

2 Fury
8 Goodwill
Six Holly Wreaths
At least 5 Sims Social neighbors

Revenge of the Simch: Quest 1

sim social simch goal 1

- Check 3 frozen furniture for anything unusual

-Waft warm air on 3 ice furniture to melt it back

Head straight to Bella's house, which is decked out with all of the new ice furniture. Click on frozen funiture and select 'Waft Warm Air' action three times and the 'Check Anything Unusual' action three times. This takes six energy, but you'll only really use one energy unit from your own bar.

- Have 2 Fury

If you don't have Fury, you can get them by performing mean actions to other Sims. They don't appear every time you perform a mean action, so you might have to be a bigger meanie than you want to be to get them (Note: Your Sim can always apologize and make up for it later).

Revenge of the Simch: Quest 2

sims social simch 2

Ask 3 different Sims where the Simch is
Research Simch homes on computer 5 times
Check 3 different fridges for Simches

Pro tip: When you visit friends to ask them where the Simch is, also be sure to check their fridges for Simches as well. It'll save you some time.

Revenge of the Simch: Quest 3
sims social revenge of the simch

- Be inspired
Fulfill all of your Sim's needs to be inspired (I like to do that in the following order: feed, relieve, shower, sleep + fun, if sleep doesn't also fill your fun meter).

- Thank about nice holiday gifts on 3 different sofas or armchairs
Thinking about nice holiday gifts can be done at home or at friends' homes. Click on sofas or chairs with arms (hence, armchairs) and select the "Think about... " option. Chairs without arms will not give you the option to sit and think, so consider yourself warned.

- Deliver gifts to 5 different fridges
Gifts must be delivered to five different friends' fridges. Visit friends' homes, click on their refrigerator and select the 'Deliver Gifts' action.

Revenge of the Simch: Quest 4

sims social revenge of the simch 4

- Deliver a nice letter to Simch from 5 mailboxes
Visit 5 different friends' mailboxes, click on them and select the 'Delivery Letter to Simch' action.

- Phone the Simch to make him feel wanted
This can be done on your home phone or on friends' phones.

- Have 8 Goodwill
If you don't have enough goodwill, you can earn some by performing 'nice' actions to friends. You won't score Goodwill every time you perform a nice action, so prepare to do lots of nice things to get the job done.

Revenge of the Simch: Quest 5

sims social revenge of the simch 5

Give gifts to 4 different sims
Visit four different friends, click on them and select the 'A gift from the Simch!" action

Spread the Simch's season's greetings to 1 friend
Select the 'Ask Friends' button, which will post a request in your Facebook news feed. Only one person needs click the feed post to help.

Have 6 Holly Wreaths
Holly wreaths can be found by taking pictures of snow rabbits, cardinals and clearing pine cones in your own yard. You can also request them from others via the friend selector.

Revenge of the Simch: Final

sims social revenge of the simch final

Once you're done with the quest, you will be rewarded with a shiny, new Rockadeer -- a reindeer rocking horse
that's worth 3,500 Simoleons and will increase the value of your Sims' home by 2,700 Simoleons.

sims social revenge of the simch rockadeer

Once you place the Rockadeer on your property, you can perform two actions by clicking on it: Reindeer rock, which will increase your Sims' fun meter and Gentle Rock, which will increase your Sims' sleep meter.

sims social revenge of the simch rockadeer in action
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