Pioneer Trail Holiday Workshop: Everything you need to know

As part of tonight's launch of the Holiday Hollow Christmas feature in Pioneer Trail, you'll be required to build a Holiday Workshop back on your Homestead. Similar to items like the Shagbark Tree back during Halloween, this Holiday Workshop is required for a goal in Holiday Hollow, but is actually built back on your Homestead.

The Holiday Workshop requires six different building materials:

  • 10 Bent Nails

  • 10 Rusty Screws

  • 10 Chipped Boards

  • 15 Torn Sandpapers

  • 15 Dull Saws

  • 15 Dusty Hooks

The Bent Nails, Rusty Screws and Chipped Boards are earned through general posts on your wall, while the other three items are earned by sending out individual requests to your friends.

Once you finish building the Holiday Workshop, you'll also have access to three new repeatable goals on your Homestead. These can also be seen while in Holiday Hollow, but aren't required to finish that feature. You'll be able to repeat them as many times as you'd like in order to earn extra prizes for your Homestead.

  • 3 Goals: Stocking Tree

  • 6 Goals: Santa Costume for your Avatar

  • 9 Goals: Caroling Penguins

  • 12 Goals: Reindeer Prince

  • 15 Goals: Baby Yeti

The three goals themselves ask you to collect tons of themed items, some in Holiday Hollow and some on the Homestead. Here's a look at completing them.

A Flood o Cocoa

  • Collect 40 Gears

  • Collect 50 Cocoa Milk

  • Collect 150 Candy Canes

Remember, items like the Gears are earned in Holiday Hollow by completing tasks with your three helpers (specifically, the Gears come from the Snow Slinger). The Candy Canes are earned after completing goals in Holiday Hollow, as free gifts sent by friends, or by collecting the daily bonus of items like your Holly's Sleigh. Finishing this goal gives you a Big Present, 10 Cheer and 500 XP.

Cookie Chaos

  • Collect 50 Fir Wood

  • Ask friends for 20 Cookie Dough

  • Collect 150 Candy Canes

Yet again, the Fir Wood is earned by using your helpers in Holiday Hollow. In this case, you'll want to use the Tree Trimmer to finish tasks. For finishing this goal, you'll receive another Big Present, 10 Cheer and 500 XP.

Squad o Snowmen

  • Repair 50 Melted Snowmen

  • Ask friends for 20 Snowman Caps

  • Collect 150 Candy Canes

For this goal - you guessed it - you'll need to complete tasks with another helper, in this case the Hall Decker to revive the Melted Snowmen. For finishing this goal, you'll receive the same rewards as before: a Big Present, 10 Cheer and 500 XP. Still, the rewards for these three individual goals aren't really the incentive here - the five prizes for completing these goals repeatedly are.

Make sure to start working on these goals, and start working on your Holiday Workshop, just as soon as you can in order to get the most out of the Holiday Hollow event in Pioneer Trail. Good luck completing these goals 15 times for all of the prizes!

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What do you think of this Holiday Workshop and the repeatable goals? Sound off in the comments.