Pioneer Trail Holiday Hollow Goals: Everything you need to know

Holiday Hollow is now available in Pioneer Trail, but as of this writing, you'll have to do quite a bit of work to actually unlock it. To be specific, you'll need to complete Holly's Sleigh - a building project on your Homestead - to unlock early VIP access to Holiday Hollow. Once you arrive in this new section of the game, you'll be met with three new characters: a Tree Trimmer, Hall Decker and Snow Slinger. These positions can be filled by friends, just as you'd expect.

The story behind Holiday Hollow sees you being immediately approached by the locals. Apparently, something is wrong with Lady Edwina and she's canceling everything to do with the holidays throughout the entire frontier, starting by having her nephew chop down Holiday Hollow's magical Christmas Tree. Lady Edwina herself won't come out of her house, so there's no way to talk sense into her casually. Instead, you'll need to work to repair the holidays through a series of goals, all of which revolve around rebuilding the Magical Tree.

It should be noted that these goals may appear in a different order in your own game than what is listed here. This deals with the fact that goals revolve around the three different helpers you can have in your game - Bess, Hank or Flintlock - and their own individual skills.

The Tree Trimmer

  • Clear 3 Holly Shrubs

  • Collect 2 Fir Wood

This goal introduces you to the Tree Trimmer. You'll be able to hover over items to see a piece of Fir Wood appear as your cursor. This lets you know that if your Tree Trimmer interacts with these items, you'll have a chance of receiving Fir Wood. For finishing this first goal, you'll receive a Pine Cone Ornament and 5 Candy Canes. Remember, Candy Canes work as a sort of currency, allowing you to earn special prizes in Holiday Hollow (they're similar to Charms from Ghost Town).

The Snow Slinger

  • Clear 5 Snowbanks From the Front of Buildings

  • Shovel Out 5 Snowy Logs

This goal is for the Snow Slinger. Watch out for the Gear cursor to know that you can have a chance to salvage Gears when completing these tasks with this particular character. Finishing this goal gives you five Candy Canes.

The Hall Decker

  • Relight 3 Lamps

  • Decorate 3 Fences

Finally, this goal introduces you to your third helper - the Hall Decker. When you can act with the Hall Decker, the cursor will turn into a wreath, and you'll have a chance of receiving "Decor" when completing tasks with your Hall Decker. For finishing this goal, you'll receive a Lamp Ornament, five Candy Canes and one Cheer Refill. Cheer will apparently be Holiday Hollow's energy, similar to Rations or Gumption elsewhere in the game.

At this point, you can start to rebuild the Magical Tree, as it requires one Pine Cone Ornament and Lamp Ornament to start. You'll have received both by completing the first three goals, so go ahead and complete the tree's "rebirth." From there, you'll have a counter at the top of the screen that will let you know how many additional ornaments you'll need to further upgrade the tree. Of course, to receive more ornaments, you can complete more goals.

Missin Reindeer

  • Clear 10 Snowy Logs

  • Tend 15 Reindeer

  • Collect 7 Cocoa Milk

Reward: a Festive Lamp Post, a Reindeer Ornament and 10 Candy Canes

Deckin' the Halls Part 1

  • Repair 10 Decorated Fences

  • Place the Holiday Workshop on your Homestead

  • Deck Out 4 Buildings

Similar to rebuilding the tree, you'll need to collect pieces of decor (wreaths) and other festive items to "deck out" buildings in Holiday Hollow for the holidays. For one building, for instance, you may need to collect a single Decor and four Town Decorations (these are earned from friends), while another building requires a single Decor and five Home Decorations (also earned from friends). Finishing this goal gives you a Big Present, Tied Ribbon Ornament and 10 Candy Canes. You can check out our full guide to building the Holiday Workshop right here.

Warmin Em Up

  • Collect 10 Gears

  • Collect 12 Decor

  • Collect 12 Cocoa Milk

These tasks simply require you to use your helpers in bulk until you collect enough of everything. You'll receive a Big Present, Hot Cocoa Ornament and 10 Candy Canes for finishing.

Sleds And Bears

  • Craft 3 Sleds at the Toy Shop

  • Craft 3 Teddy Bears at the Toy Shop

  • Craft 6 Gift Wraps at the Top Shop

Here's where things get hairy. You'll need to use your Toy Shop a lot throughout Holiday Hollow, crafting items using Fir Wood, Gears and more (even items you can ask your friends to send). For instance, the Sleds are crafted using eight Fir Wood and 3 Gears each, as seen below. Once you finish this goal, you'll receive a Big Present, a Teddy Bear Ornament and 10 Candy Canes.

Savin Snowmen

  • Repair 25 Snowmen

  • Shovel 15 Snowy Logs

  • Repair the Holiday Clock Tower

The Holiday Clock Tower works as a basic building project, asking you to collect 10 each of Iron Gears, Silver Chains and Polished Cedar planks (through general wall posts) and 15 each of Golden Pendulums, Choral Bells and Copper Springs (through individual requests to friends). Once you finish this goal, you'll receive a Big Present, Snowman Ornament and 15 Candy Canes.

Girls N Dolls

  • Craft 5 Ragdolls at the Toy Shop

  • Craft 5 Doll Cribs at the Toy Shop

  • Craft 10 Gift Wraps at the Toy Shop

Yet again, these tasks are completed using items like Decor, Fir Wood and items collected from friends. For instance, the Rag Dolls are crafted using seven Decor and three Itchy Cloths each. The Itchy Cloths are an example of items that can be earned by asking your friends to send them to you. When you finish this goal, you'll earn another Big Present, a Doll Ornament and 15 Candy Canes.

Arts And Crafts

  • Craft 6 Paintbrushes at the Toy Shop

  • Craft 6 Paintin' Canvases at the Toy Shop

  • Craft 6 Gift Wraps at the Toy Shop

These recipes are a bit more complicated, as you'll first need to craft items like Unbolted Canvas before you can craft Painting Canvases, as an example. The same formula applies though; you'll craft these items using a combination of items you can earn yourself with your helpers, and those earned from friends. Once you finish this goal, you'll earn a Big Present, a Paintbrush Ornament and 15 Candy Canes.

Feeding The Reindeer

  • Harvest 20 Gumdrops on your Homestead

  • Harvest 20 Sugar Plum on your Homestead

  • Clear 10 Snowy Logs

Back on your Homestead, both Gumdrops and Sugar Plums take four hours to grow. Finish this goal and you'll receive a Big Present, a Gumdrop Ornament and 20 Candy Canes.

Lil' Mad Scientists

  • Craft 7 Science Kites at the Toy Shop

  • Craft 7 Zappin' Keys at the Toy Shop

  • Craft 7 Gift Wrap at the Toy Shop

This is another set of crafting tasks that require you to create items that are then used to craft the actual items you need for the goal. For instance, you'll need to craft Shiny Alloy before you can craft the Zappin' Keys. Once you finish this goal, you'll receive a Big Present, a Key Ornament and 20 Candy Canes.

Music Box for Beatrice

  • Craft a Repaired Music Workshop in your Holiday Workshop

  • Craft a Gift Wrap in the Toy Shop

  • Collect 15 Cocoa Milk

By this point, you will need to have finished the Holiday Workshop on your Homestead. Here's our guide to completing it, if you need a refresher. Finish this goal and you'll receive a Big Present, a Music Box Ornament and 25 Candy Canes.

Frontier Action Figures

  • Craft 10 Tin Soldiers at the Toy Shop

  • Craft 10 Model Ships at the Toy Shop

  • Craft 20 Gift Wraps at the Toy Shop

Yet more crafting here, and yet more items that require multiple steps of crafting to complete. The Tin Soldiers, for instance, require you to first craft Unpainted Soldiers before you can use those (along with Decor) to make the final Tin Soldier product.

Pile It High

  • Collect 30 fir Wood

  • Clear 15 Holly Shrubs

  • Clear 15 Snowy Pinecones

Reward: Big Present, Yule Log Ornament, 15 Candy Canes

Newfound Friend

  • Collect 50 Fir Wood

  • Collect 50 Gears

  • Craft 25 Gift Wrap

Reward: Big Present, Yeti Head Ornament, 30 Candy Canes

Chimney Troubles

  • Collect 30 Fir Wood

  • Clear 10 Decor Scrap

  • Finish the Holiday Workshop on your Homestead

Here's an example of a goal that might come out of order in your own game, as you'll be required to craft something inside your Holiday Workshop perhaps before even receiving this goal. Either way, once you finish this goal, you'll receive another Big Present, a Chimney Ornament and 20 Candy Canes.

Decking the Halls Part II

  • Repair 10 Decorated Fences

  • Clear 10 Decor Scraps

  • Deck Out at Least 14 Buildings

Reward: Big Present, Bow Ornament, 20 Candy Canes

Pocket Watch for Benjamin

  • Craft 1 Repaired Pocket Watch at the Holiday Workshop

  • Craft 1 Gift Wrap in the Toy Shop

  • Collect 15 Cocoa Milk

Reward: Big Present, Pocket Watch Ornament, 25 Candy Canes

A Wreath O Green

  • Clear 20 Holly Shrubs

  • Collect 10 Decor

  • Collect 50 Fir Wood

Reward: Big Present, Wreath Ornament, 25 Candy Canes

Deckin the Halls Part III

  • Have all Buildings in Town Decked Out

  • Decorate 50 Fences

  • Finish Holly's Sleigh on your Homestead

While you can earn early access to Holiday Hollow by completing Holly's Sleigh early, if you choose not to, and wait until Holiday Hollow opens for everyone this weekend, this final goal in the event (yes I said final) will make sure you've finally done so. Remember to check out our guide to building Holly's Sleigh for everything to expect.
As you complete these goals, you'll receive more cutscenes, giving you a better idea of just what happened to Lady Edwina. We won't give you any spoilers, but don't expect anything sinister. It's all in good fun, continuing in the holiday spirit, that you'll hopefully have plenty of after going through all of these goals!

If additional content is released in Holiday Hollow between now and Christmas, we'll make sure to let you know. In the meantime, you've got plenty of work to do here, so make sure to get started as soon as possible so that you can earn all of the prizes available!

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What do you think of Holiday Hollow? Have you already made your way into this holiday event, or are you waiting for it to be available to everyone for free? Sound off in the comments.