Mission: Impossible--The Game on Facebook: An acceptable mission

Mission: Impossible The Game on Facebook
It's an unlikely place to launch a game based on the epitome of action movies, Facebook. Alas, here we are, playing a Mission: Impossible social game in time for the release of Mission: Impossible Ghost Protocol in theaters on Dec. 16. Developed by Funtactix and cleverly titled Mission: Impossible--The Game, this branded social game has finally been updated with content that's relevant to the upcoming espionage romp.

We gave the game a glance last week, but after an extended look at the game courtesy of Funtactix, it's far more clear what this take on Mission: Impossible is all about. The game is an attempt at capturing the feel of the movies: assembling a crack team of spies to take down a common enemy. But don't call it an advergame, which the Funtactix team made very clear to us. And while it's right, this is certainly a game you'd throw into he "branded game" category along with games like Dexter Slice of Life.
Mission: Impossible The Game
But that's not necessarily a jab. Like Ecko|Code's take on Dexter, Funtactix's Mission: Impossible features impressive 3D characters with numerous animations roaming pre-rendered backdrops. In the same vein, however, all of your actions in the game amount to clicking something and staring at a progress bar--even the combat. Now, it's not as if every isometric social game ever doesn't do this, but you'd expect a game designed to hype an action movie to have a bit more bite. (When a Somalian appears on the scene and stands there until you shoot him, you'll be less than thrilled about, well, shooting him.)

Since the game's been out for about a week or so, Funtactix decided to introduce new content today that will set the stage for the events in Ghost Protocol. However, we're told that the game's existing player base is tearing through what Funtactix created initially, so these special 20 or so missions will only be available to players nearing Level 30. It's strange to see content that's already this advanced in a game so young. (However, Funtactix tells us that it will continue supporting the game long after the film hits and leaves theaters.)

Mission: Impossible--The Game on Facebook
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Mission: Impossible--The Game on Facebook: An acceptable mission

To the developer's credit, the game's chain of missions plays out much like the movie: learn of an existential threat to society put into motion by a "rogue agent," learn as much as possible about this threat and your target, assemble a specialized team of spies to help you take down the enemy and, finally, do the deed. Of course, that second-to-last step involves requesting the help of your friends through requests. And when it's time for the final confrontation, their avatars will appear in the role you assigned them.

For all of the build-up to the fated "boss fight" with a rogue agent, it's a shame that it ends in merely clicking things enough times to win. "Click the terminal five times to hack its information." "Click the security module 10 times to disable it." "Click the enemy an insurmountable number of times to off him." You win! Again, in the game's defense, it's not as if it's doing any less than most Facebook games. But it's the expectations loaded with the subject matter--an action-packed spy movie--that make Funtactix's effort an acceptable mission, rather than an outstanding one. Of course, Mission: Impossible mega fans are going to click the link below either way.
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